StatPREP Workshops for 2018

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Schedule of Workshop Activities

This schedule is intended to be the hub from which you can access notes and activities for the StatPREP 2018 workshops. You might want to bookmark it in your browser so that you can find it quickly.

Archive for workshops already held

Since the schedule evolves a bit from one workshop location to another, we’re archiving the schedule as it was at the end of each workshop.

Note the HELP!! menu item above. Use it if you’re too shy to ask a question out loud. Also use it to help the StatPREP organizers by posting comments, criticisms, suggestions, and such.

Schedule for Highline College workshop (Seattle) June 15-16


8:30 am, breakfast

9:00 am, start program

  1. Welcome.

  2. Examples of in-class lessons centered on data
  3. Tidy data
  4. Data and statistical graphics: The graphics behind the Little Apps.

12:30 pm Lunch

  1. Thinking about lessons. Select three topics from your current stats course that you would like to teach with data. They could be, for example, a technique, theory, or a project.
  2. Learning R: Two tracks
  3. Exploring statistics using StatPREP materials.
    • Tutorials, which are instructor-oriented, R-based introductions to techniques and concepts.
    • Little Apps

3:30 pm Adjourn


8:30 am, breakfast

9:00 am, start program

  1. Statistical concepts: Two tracks:
  2. Communicating with your students: Three tracks
  3. Determining lesson-development groups. Homework answers

12:30 pm Lunch

  1. Lesson development: Small group activity with two tracks
    • Developing lessons based on Little Apps
    • Developing lessons using R commands.
  2. Brief presentations of lessons developed
  3. Going forward … support and staying in touch

3:30 pm, adjourn